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A little place called home (ALPCH) was founded by Carolina Del Pilar A in 2014. Carolina established ALPCH with a clear objectivity; to bring tranquility, peace and freedom to those who need it. A.L.P.C.H was born seeking the opportunity to improve the quality of life of those who feel troubled, lost, confused or who have decide to abandon hope. 

Carolina has created a service which integrates her personal experience with her extensive knowledge in social science and professional counselling. This service exists to help, improve and guide people through difficult situations and experiences. It provides the tools that allow people to learn how to value themselves as individuals, understand each other, and appreciate life itself. With there tools ALPCH customers can propel themselves to better horizons, grow professionally and nurture themselves along the process.

ALPCH compromises of a professional team who is dedicated to improving the lifestyle, mentality and point of view of their clients. This is achieved with a unique strategy and vision, in addition to a combination of deep social, therapeutic and counselling knowledge, setting them apart from the competition. 

So, join us and help us help you make the world a better place to call home.

A.L.P.C.H Team