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What a year it has been! On a personal level I have experienced and felt the currents and tide turning. On a collective level, everyone that I have spoken to, or whose paths I have crossed has felt exactly the same way. The world around us is changing, and it needs to change, we must grow and learn to expand further than we ever have before. We mustn't, hold on to the old structures of our  personal beliefs. The old ways are crumbling before our eyes.

Many of us, do not know how to navigate the thoughts and feelings that accompany change. The process can be daunting, frightening and filled anxiety, it can have a depressive feel to it and fill one with dread.

By applying healthy boundaries and self-care you can begin to make sense of your inner emotions and surroundings.

Healthy boundaries consist of, knowing when it is time for self-care first. It is understanding that it is now time to nurture your inner space and be kind with yourself.

Healthy boundaries are important to your, communication and interactions with others. By applying healthy boundaries, your communication with others will come from a higher, more conscious place; a place where there are no hidden agendas and no harmful thoughts.

By adopting healthy boundaries we can begin the journey to a more peaceful and joyful state of living.

Carolina Del Pilar A.